Names of the families are not listed for their privacy.

Christmas Day December 25, 2016

At 4:00 pm today, Andy G Vaughn Masonic Lodge 1421 and its members took time from their
Families, opened its doors, and served 38 hungry people with no where to go on Christmas Day,
including some of our eldery Masons.  We served Turkey,Ham, Sweet Potatos, Dressing, Corn,
Green Beans, Homemade Bread and Desserts and Tea.

December 26,2016

At 11:00 am today, we again opened our doors and fed another 50 people. Pictures of people not
shown for their privacy    We served dinner for a total of 58 people who had no where else to go.

December 2016      Local Family                    Financial Aid                       $200.00

November 2016     Local Family                     Financial Aid                        $100.00

JULY 2016              LOCAL FAMILY                 FINANCIAL AID                     $150.00

APRIL 2016             Local Family                      Financial Aid                       $300.00

February 2016        Local Family                     Financial Aid                       $500.00

December  2015     Angel House Women's and Children's Shelter          
Bunk Beds and Linen's                     $950.83

December  2015     Masonic Widow                      Masonic Widow Relief          $300.00

December  2015     Local Family                             Medical Bills                        $500.00

November  2015    Local Family                              Medical Bills                           $300.00

November  2015    Local  Family                             Septic Tank Repairs              $250.00

October     2015     Local Family                              Wheelchair Ramp Materials    $48.39

October     2015    Odessa Chapter 477 Order of The Eastern Star        
Share of Joint Fund Raiser    $500.00